May 1, 2021

The live music scene is definitely looking up — for me, anyway.

There are some engagements coming up that I am really looking forward to playing, but I will continue to play on remote recordings and Acapella videos as long as there is interest in hearing music produced that way.

Currently I am involved in two remote recording projects; a CD which is due for imminent release and a second which is gradually moving forward. Also, I played on a two Acapella videos which should be edited and posted this month, plus two ongoing Acapella projects.

The Jazzologists‘ album “Black Cat on the Fence,” and the recordings by On The Levee Jazz Band, Swing Central, Sarah Spencer’s Global Ramblers and the Kris Tokarski Trio can now be heard on the SYNCOPATED TIMES RADIO NETWORK:

Please see my “Recordings” page for other albums which are now being played on TST Radio!

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