Sept. 27, 2020

Here is the latest video in the “Get Happy” series — discussing Benny Goodman’s Orchestra from 1934 – 36 with Loren Schoenberg and Nick Rossi:

As I have mentioned previously, I have played on another “Acapella” remote video recording due to be posted in the near future, as well as a remote music video.  I also played on some tracks with various bands which will be made available on BANDCAMP in the next couple of months.  I will post updates as soon as I find out more concerning the status of those recordings…

Meanwhile, the first two EPs of “The Isolation Sessions” by Michael Gamble and his Very Swinging Friends are selling very well on BANDCAMP.  If you have not listened to the sample tracks yet, be sure to check them out:



All of the music on these sessions was recorded remotely — from nine different states!  Michael did a fantastic job of organizing the instrumental combinations, arranging the songs and editing all of the recordings into cohesive, exciting and SWINGING albums!  You will hear some of the best swing musicians in the U.S. on these EPs, including Laura Windley, Dan Levinson, David Jellema, Noah Hocker, Chloe Feoranzo, Charlie Halloran, Jonathan Stout, Chris Dawson, James Posedel and of course the man who leads the band and swings the string bass: Michael Gamble!

When you go to BANDCAMP to purchase the albums by Michael Gamble, please remember to check out my page to purchase music from the albums by Swing Central and the Kris Tokarski Trio:

You can also buy music by the Jonathan Doyle Swingtet, Brooks Prumo Orchestra and the Oxblood Melodians from BANDCAMP.  And…don’t forget that there are still a few copies of On The Levee’s CD available:

— Hal