I have quite a few recordings — as bandleader and also as sideman — for sale on the BANDCAMP website.

“Messin’ Around” by the New Orleans Night Owls is one of my favorites:

“Early Hours” is the first album by the New Orleans Night Owls. Both “Early Hours” and “Messin’ Around” are available as CDs (e-mail me for details) or as a digital album (

Gina De Gregorio is featured on vocals (and vibes on two tracks) on this newly-released digital album:

My good friend Michael Gamble has two new remotely-recorded albums available, featuring vocalist Laura Windley:


I don’t play on this album, but I suggested some of the repertoire and wrote liner notes. I highly recommend it!

Previous releases (also available from BANDCAMP) include Alice Spencer‘s first all-jazz recording:

Another session I enjoyed recording is Paul Morris’ Silver Dime Jazz Trio:

The previously-released digital albums by Hal Smith’s Jazzologists are still available from Bandcamp:

Capt. John Royen’s New Orleans Rhythm CD from me for $20.00 postpaid (U.S. Addresses only). Pay via PayPal. E-mail me for details, via the CONTACT page.

Other albums I recommend:

All of the albums listed above are available from BANDCAMP:

Roya Naldi: A Night In June

Available from:

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