Nov. 23, 2021

This video by Sarah Spencer’s Global Ramblers was recorded earlier in 2021, but released a few days ago:

The videos below have been around for awhile. I will add some new ones as soon as they are available.

Presenting the New Orleans Night Owls, with T.J. Muller, John Gill, Ryan Calloway, Kris Tokarski, Bill Reinhart, Michael Gamble and me. This ensemble is a lot of fun to play with — even remotely!

From July: Jontavious Willis, Ethan Lienwand,Richard Tralles and yours truly in 100+ degree heat, performing for “Blues at the Arch” in St. Louis…

Here are a some more videos made during 2021:

As the tracks are still being recorded for the “Penthouse Serenade” album, here is a sample of Gina DeGregorio‘s talents as vocalist, vibraphonist and film-maker!