August, 2017

I didn't feel like celebrating as I turned 64 on July 30. But after receiving well over 200 Birthday wishes from friends on Facebook, I cheered up considerably! Otherwise, I spent the entire month away from playing drums, recovering from rotator cuff surgery (June 27) and getting physical therapy.

Under normal circumstances, I would be concerned about having so many open dates in August. However, the recovery process is definitely going to take awhile. Though I am really looking forward to playing with Swing Central at the Bix Festival, and with Banu Gibson in New Orleans later this month, practicing on a drum set at home does result in a lot of aches and pains. So – I am grateful to have a lot of additional time to get my shoulder back in shape.

One activity I have enjoyed doing in July is sending copies of the new Swing Central CD – "Windy City Swing" – to CD BABY for restocking! If you haven't purchased your own copy yet, here is a link: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/halsmithsswingcentral
The music is also available as a digital album, and individual tracks can be purchased. However, I highly recommend that you buy the actual CD, with the wonderful vintage comic book-style artwork by artist JP Ardee-Navarro!

Windy City Swing

The cats provided endless amusement last month. Alex's way of dealing with the hot, languid days is to just nap – frequently.

Clint Baker

Meanwhile, Mittens has decided to take a proactive role in booking her Daddy. Here she is at the work desk, ready to start making contacts for gigs!

With nothing else to report, I will sign off now. Please check back around September 1. Hopefully I will have some new musical activity to report on...

Stay cool, Hal